09/02/2014 14:08
Barclays said it would "contact and advise" all affected customers   Investigations have been launched after a report that thousands of confidential files with Barclays Bank customers details...
08/02/2014 16:26
  Mastercard Corporate Intelligence is the WSJ’s business news blog, with a lively take on the day’s most important business...
04/02/2014 07:39
(Reuters) - A credit card data breach has been detected that exposed guests at certain Marriott, Holiday Inn, Sheraton and other hotel properties to theft, hotel management firm White Lodging...
29/01/2014 20:03
Coca-Cola has admitted falling prey to bizarre slow-motion data breach in which an employee apparently stole dozens of laptops over several years containing the sensitive data of 74,000 people...
26/01/2014 19:01
Businesses are rushing to shield themselves against the threat of cyber-attacks. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto   LOUISE MCBRIDE – 26 JANUARY 2014 SALES of cyber insurance in Ireland have...
25/01/2014 12:25
Retail and banking groups are blaming each other for the lax security that recently allowed hackers to steal millions of credit card numbers from shoppers. After massive security breaches at Target...
25/01/2014 06:21
Pump-mounted devices used Bluetooth chips that allowed the thieves to retrieve the data without having to physically connect to the devices, prosecutors allege. by Steven...
24/01/2014 07:37
The new director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently testified before Congress that cyberattacks would likely eclipse terrorism as the No. 1 threat to U.S. domestic security. That...
23/01/2014 07:44
The changes Google made to its privacy policy triggered investigations by European data protection watchdogs Google has been fined 900,000 euros (£751,000) for breaking Spanish data protection...
22/01/2014 20:10
The EU's justice commissioner has called for bigger fines for companies that breach European data privacy laws. Viviane Reding dismissed recent fines for Google as "pocket money" and said...
22/01/2014 20:05
The passwords and other details of 16 million email users in Germany have been stolen, the country's security agency has revealed. The Federal Office for Security said criminals had infected...
22/01/2014 20:01
A Microsoft blog has been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army shortly after two of its Twitter accounts and another blog were attacked by the same group. The Office blog had just been redesigned...
19/01/2014 09:45
By Stephanie Mlot January 15, 2014 10:40am EST     Ever since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the National Security Agency's spy games, the...
18/01/2014 17:57
BY JIM FINKLE AND MARK HOSENBALL BOSTON/WASHINGTON Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:26pm EST (Reuters) - Target Corp and Neiman Marcus are not the only U.S. retailers whose networks were breached over the...
18/01/2014 09:50
Brick-and-mortar retailers plan to link in-store analytics with shoppers' mobile devices. Shoppers say not so fast.     Top 10 Retail CIO Priorities For 2014 (Click image for...
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 The First 24 Hours Checklist 


Panicking won’t get you anywhere once you’ve discovered a data breach. Accept that it’s happened and immediately contact your legal counsel for guidance on initiating these 10 critical steps:

  • Record the date and time when the breach was discovered, as well as the current date and time when response efforts begin, i.e. when someone on the response team is alerted to the breach.

  • Alert and activate everyone on the response team, including external resources, to begin executing your preparedness plans.

  • Secure the premises around the area where the data breach occurred to help preserve evidence.

  • Stop additional data loss. Take affected machines offline but do not turn them off or start probing into the computer until your forensics team arrives.

  • Document everything known thus far about the breach: Who discovered it, who reported it, to whom was it reported, who else knows about it, what type of breach occurred, what was stolen, how was it stolen, what systems are affected, what devices are missing, etc.

  • Interview those involved in discovering the breach and anyone else who may know about it. Document your investigation.

  • Review protocols regarding disseminating information about the breach for everyone involved in this early stage.

  • Assess priorities and risks based on what you know about the breach.

  • Bring in your forensics firm to begin an in-depth investigation.

  • Notify law enforcement, if needed, after consulting with legal counsel and upper management

Source: Experian Data Breach Guide



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