29/07/2014 20:48
In recent years, insurance companies have been finding themselves affected by the rising number of major incidents of cyberattacks. On the one hand, this trend presents a business opportunity for...
29/07/2014 07:43
Our survey offers rare insight into how consumers apportion responsibility for preventing data breaches. The findings show widespread consumer worry around retail data breaches, and a strong belief...
24/07/2014 07:20
Data security breaches almost always give rise to a risk of reputational damage to the company responsible for controlling and processing the data.  From the moment the breach occurs, the media...
24/07/2014 07:15
You walk into your office on a Saturday morning during tax season to find a staff member waiting for you with sweaty palms and a look of terror on her face. She takes a while to get the words out,...
24/07/2014 07:06
Summary and implications The Article 29 Working Party (the Working Party) has issued a new Opinion on personal data breach notification that will have important repercussions for all data controllers...
20/07/2014 09:02
Insurers are eagerly eyeing exponential growth in the tiny cyber coverage market. But their lack of experience and skills handling hackers and data breaches may keep their ambitions in check. High...
20/07/2014 08:50
The introduction of cyberinsurance is tempered by the same legacy procedures that have defined insurance since long before cybersecurity existed. It's a generally accepted truth that change is...
18/07/2014 06:04
    When it comes to cyber security, most CEOs don’t get it. That was the conclusion of a recent survey of IT security professionals on the state of their companies’ defenses against...
16/07/2014 07:17
Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued a new report examining the growing number, complexity, and costs of data breaches in the New York State. The report reveals that the number of reported...
14/07/2014 08:13
  Insurance firms need more tools to better gauge risk and appropriately cover businesses for damages sustained during cyber-attacks. While cyber-insurance could significantly help companies...
09/07/2014 06:28
We’ve come a long way in the last 20 years. In the mid nineties we were just discovering this wonderful new thing called the internet and the joys of waiting for a dial-up connection to AOL. Now,...
08/07/2014 07:35
Premiums expected to pass $2bn this year as cyber attacks on businesses increase The world’s leading insurance market has reported a sharp increase in companies seeking insurance cover from...
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Cyber Rescue Ltd.

Incident Response

 The First 24 Hours Checklist 


Panicking won’t get you anywhere once you’ve discovered a data breach. Accept that it’s happened and immediately contact your legal counsel for guidance on initiating these 10 critical steps:

  • Record the date and time when the breach was discovered, as well as the current date and time when response efforts begin, i.e. when someone on the response team is alerted to the breach.

  • Alert and activate everyone on the response team, including external resources, to begin executing your preparedness plans.

  • Secure the premises around the area where the data breach occurred to help preserve evidence.

  • Stop additional data loss. Take affected machines offline but do not turn them off or start probing into the computer until your forensics team arrives.

  • Document everything known thus far about the breach: Who discovered it, who reported it, to whom was it reported, who else knows about it, what type of breach occurred, what was stolen, how was it stolen, what systems are affected, what devices are missing, etc.

  • Interview those involved in discovering the breach and anyone else who may know about it. Document your investigation.

  • Review protocols regarding disseminating information about the breach for everyone involved in this early stage.

  • Assess priorities and risks based on what you know about the breach.

  • Bring in your forensics firm to begin an in-depth investigation.

  • Notify law enforcement, if needed, after consulting with legal counsel and upper management

Source: Experian Data Breach Guide

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